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The traditional method of designing stamp collections requires considerable effort in the design and distribution of the types of stamps. A very popular tool used to launch a stamp collection is the album list. Now there are security programs that can gently help the collector in registering, protecting, detecting, reconstructing and obtaining information about stamps. However, these days this software serves to simplify the management of the collection. There is a huge variety of software that is now advertised for sale. Here are many publications. 1. Stampmanage 2006 can catalog and store all stamps received from canada, the united states, and the united kingdom. This software can include 30 thousand rub marks in its own information base and is able to have 21,200 images. All the numbers are drawn up in scott's numbering scheme. A similar numbering system is standardized and was introduced by scott. They have granted a license to stampmanage to practice these numbering systems. The latest edition of 2006 now has a pre-installed report designer that wants to document personal reports. These reports can be transmitted via html, pdf, and excel. 2. The stamp organizer deluxe operating system can restore and view, for example, about the stamp. The software demonstrates greater efficiency and access to build all the information in the compiled data. The stamps remained placed differently. The collector has some manufacturing options, he is able to build his own collection with the assistance of our utility. 3. Stamp collection wizard 1.04 is able to form personal records and accumulate alerts about the appearance of stamps, prices and various informative data. The collector has the opportunity to take advantage of updated software and information through the registers of the collection of stamps of the program. It can also be able to post and see the prices; and the terms of all special brands. 4. The report label wizard is able to gently define and print any variety of reports offered with this software. There are some sets of expert directories that allow a person to determine the category of the report. The stamps are able to become defined by following the color, graphics, size, perforation and margins. And it can also outline the report using headers and footers. In order to save one of the above program settings, the document is able to index this art through templates. 5. Customized software, for displaying information, is able to set any settings displayed in, regardless of the size and complexity of the data about the data. For the collector, you can choose what kind of size, shades, and font to use when compiling a collection in the organizer. It will change the information about the data entry controls by defining custom documentation in the application. 6. Stamp collector professional 3.0 s accumulates and organizes any of its stamp collections. The software helps the collector to have an organized selection of those special and interesting stamps that are able to get a high price value. It also identifies and displays all the accounts and stories about the year of release, place of origin, characteristics, game, and price of the brand. 7. Special data field controls can speed up any modern registry registrations. It is also able to generate new data on the commands resulting from the data input. Any graphical objects are scanned from the list software, which highly configures a specific component from the first category of characters. This software also has a table with a date field, a built-in e-mail field, and an information field with a calculator. 8. The organized designer of deluxe is able to flip and restore the structure of any stamp. Like other organizing programs, it has the functionality to identify various types of information fields in which the user dreamed of storing a huge number of compilations. 9. Stampmanage canada 2005 specializes in stamps imported from canada. Windows catalogues and stores all data about canadian stamps. Sand is characterized by a professional security program that calculates they are canadian and provincial stamps containing videos as well as data fields of reports on the collected information. 10. The web ready view page software can update and read each column of records created from sections. Ha can display its file collection of stamps from registries on the web tab of the resource. They are offered with lush background images, using the view page to edit all the necessary information that it finds the ability to put on a web page. Most stamp software offers flexible efficiency and database files that are able to preserve and compile stamp collections. They are able to easily help the citizen in the question of what the functionality of the programs is. Its own layout style and categorical summary will remain dependent on the position in which it is able to organize collections sets in a particular software.