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5kplayer is a proven 4k 5k 8k uhd video downloader that not only downloads videos to mkv, avi, mp4 for offline playback, but even downloads singles to mp3, ogg, aac, etc. Over three hundred supported online video sites allow this online music video downloader to download lullabies from youtube, download tv shows from hulu, download short funny clips from instagram vine, and the like. Reproduce completely all the porn and music always and at any point!,

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5kplayer-download, and cut yourself armed with an online (facebook, youtube) music video downloader. Assistance, more than 300 free remote-video sites.

Built-in online video/music downloader

With the help of the virtual-video/music download engine 5kplayer, you can upload video tracks from more than three hundred sites, including youtube (vevo), facebook, dailymotion and vimeo, without interruptions at video download auctions.

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A comprehensive video recording selection for converting video recordings, uploading video footage to youtube music, creating slideshow photos, capturing screen, recording and editing video sequences. Convert 4k and hd video sequences for iphone, ipad, android, samsung, surface, lumia, psp, etc. At some time more effective than others or without reducing the quality.

Ultra-fast disk backup and backup solution for interpreting and copying all encrypted disks in optimal, h. 264, mov, flv, mpeg, m4v, avi, etc. Forwarding dvd videos to iphone, ipad, android, samsung, xperia, lumia, psp and all sorts of phones or gadgets. 36x performance