Vinyl replacement windows are by far considered the best-selling of a variety of window types, most recently, more than 20 million double-glazed windows were sold per year. This trend is expected to continue in the near future. However, there is one frequent jamb that is usually not recognized for so long until the windows are gone purchased and installed in the customer's premises. Problem #1 with replacing vinyl windows... The first thing that comes to mind is the concept of window replacement may be somewhat wrong and contribute to the problem. Let's say that today your home has wooden frames. You found a lot of drafts and maybe even some operational issues. So, after doing your research, you decided that replacing vinyl windows is your best option. Moot point...When a wooden window is replaced with a vinyl window, the old window is not removed completely. On a double hung window, both old sashes are removed in company with the screen track. The new vinyl replacement button is measured to fit inside the frame of the old window. This is equivalent to putting a box in a different box... In the case where this loss of glass area is considered the most extensive problem when changing vinyl windows, why would they be sold as many as windows of some other type? Two reasons...First of all, vinyl replacement windows, most often, are the least expensive of any type of replacement double-glazed windows, also an important point, vinyl double-glazed windows are recognized as the most energy-efficient, especially in front of competitors with their wooden and aluminum counterparts. So if you want to save money and you are interested in more energy-efficient windows, you will have to do without the glazing area, right? You will be able to get a vinyl replacement window, which is designed with this approach, in order to 100%, to maximize its surface of the headlight, or you can talk to their window dealer about a complete replacement of the frame. Some of the dealers listed above provide a comprehensive frame replacement option that literally replaces your old windows all the way to the original rough opening. Depending on your circumstances, this option of cooperation-not just provokes the least loss of glass area, at the same time, perhaps the best long-term solution. This alternative to the standard replacement offers 3 main advantages… completely maintenance-free rollers from the outside of your apartment to the inside. Guarantees proper insulation around the original rough opening, which, as representatives of humanity have found, is not present in all apartments built to ease the bouts of the housing boom. It depends on the type of window, the visitor can form of course a significant surface of the headlight than initially. Since it will take a lot of work, you can understand that the option of replacing the full frame requires a significant investment. Since your budget requires that they go along the standard replacement route, it comes down to the fact that with sunrise double-glazed windows, you do not need to sacrifice the area of glazing to increase energy efficiency. First of all, let's take a step back and think about the conditions why replacing vinyl windows is the first step to reduce the surface of the headlight ... What our organization has been talking about for a long time… second, most manufacturers of vinyl windows that have large, bulky frames will tell visitors that this is a matter of durability. It's the old “the bulkier, the cooler " argument. Finally, the main reason why most vinyl windows are so bulky is due to insulation. Sometimes called multi-chamber or hollow-core pvc, such a development of the “insulation” plot of a vinyl window frame predominantly does not insulate it at all. Instead, the manufacturer extrudes vinyl with two dozen different chambers filled with air, using the "dead air" in the insulator class. In order to become the owner of the additional insulation that has been drawn, you can find many cameras that create a square, bulky appearance. Sunrise windows are aesthetically designed to take care of all three of these problems ... Insulation-we insulate our frames with polyurethane, which offers up to 7 times more r-value (insulation capacity) than hollow core frames. This suggests that a person should not build square, bulky frames. Strength-just from the fact that it is not necessary at all says that it is stronger. The thickness of the vinyl, as well as the construction, is more important than just how bulky the frame is. Also, as well as steel, we include a variety of 90-degree bends inside the frame itself that maximize strength. Glazing area-in view of the first two, as shown here, sunrise vinyl replacement doors offer up to 27% more glass viewing area than our competitors. It's a classic case of having a cake so you can eat it too, right? If you are trying to solve the main issue with the replacement of vinyl windows, start directly with us.